Best 3 Cache Cleaners for Android

Cache Cleaner? Speed Optimizer? Don’t we all get upset with the slacking speed of our smart phones! Sometimes we sit and contemplate “what went wrong with my phone” while at other times we wonder “has the time arrived when I should be getting a new smart phone for myself?” In either case we are not paying much attention to the intricacies of our smart phones. Look, as the name suggests a smart phone is different from our other phones. It is smart unlike other regular phones and what makes it smart is its self-ability to store, mange, display and question you, time and again, whether you want the phone to actually follow your command or not. This way a smart phone is completely different from its counterparts.

But gradually with time, the smart phones starts showing signs of fatigue and sluggishness and this happen because your Android utilizes a certain measure of your phone’s memory to collect data for quick access and temporary storage by your apps. This collected data, feeding upon your Android’s memory is called cache. With time it keeps on growing and growing, making your android tardy and lazy in its working. The cache cannot be cleared manually, as there are always some hidden files that one can’t have an access to, besides this, sometimes even the installation or downloading of certain kinds of malicious or corrupted apps or files become responsible for the slowing down of your phone.

For getting rid of this cache we could use one of the Best 3 Cache Cleaners available in the android market for our smart phones. Not only are they easy to use but are also a lot much efficacious. The top 3 cache cleaners, on today’s date are Clean Master, 1 Tap Cleaner and AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner.

Clean Master

clean Master

Talking about the topmost Cache cleaner, Clean Master that is, is one of the most awarded apps and is the one which is highly recommended by all the software experts. Not only does it cut the cache quickly but also does it with a strikingly fast accuracy. It also prevents the cell from any malware or malfunctioning.

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1 Tap Cleaner


The one that we have kept at the second place is the 1 tap cleaner. Misnomer to its name, the app doesn’t actually work at a single tap system but on an immense scouring. Although using it is extremely easy, one can easily clean up all the sms, phone calls, history, directory at one go but when it comes to removing anything categorically, it fails. For example if you want to remove a certain part of an app while keeping back the other part, you won’t be able to do that. You would need to delete the complete app to get rid of the problem. But if you are ready to shell out a little then you can easily get its improved version.

AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner


The last but not the least is AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner. Wow! Trust me on it, the app takes the minimum space and works at a blazingly fast speed. Why would you take it over others is simply because of its bullet speed. It works with a speed of electricity while keeping up with accuracy.

Best 3 Cache Cleaners for Android

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