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CM Security Antivirus AppLock Features


The CM Security AppLock is highly flexible or fast for instance the app can accommodate more than 27 languages e.g. Chinese, Portuguese, French, etc. This is a breakthrough since it offers users with a variety of choices hence improving its

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Clean Master App will be your Cache & Speed App 2016


There is the need to take care of our Smartphones because they are great and useful devices in today’s business and communication world. As a result, the Clean Master app was designed to do all the cleaning in your Smartphone.

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Clean Master frees up Space on your Android Device


Device space management is crucial for all android users. Clean master software has brought good news to all those who had problems with a contracting memory of their android devices. Clean Master App helps them locate what going wrong with

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Easy Ways to Use Clean Master Android Optimizer App


Clean Master Android Cleaner App will bail you out, if your phone is freezing or hanging every now and then or probably it is overloaded with junk. It is an award winning app especially designed for the maintenance of your

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Clean Master Features


Ever wondered why your phone or tablet runs much slower compared to the first time you bought it? The problem might lies within numerous downloads and app installs that you performed in your android gadgets. With numerous app installments and

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Clean Master App All Set to Ship with BenQ Devices


Cheetah Mobile declared lately a partnership along with BenQ, a Taiwan based smartphone company to offer pre-installed variants of the applications from Cheetah Mobile (i.e., Clean Master, Battery Doctor & CM Security) in F52, B50, and B502 models of BenQ. Cheetah

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