Easy Ways to Use Clean Master Android Optimizer App

Clean Master Android Cleaner App will bail you out, if your phone is freezing or hanging every now and then or probably it is overloaded with junk. It is an award winning app especially designed for the maintenance of your phone, and it is quite easy to use.

1. Downloading Clean Master

The first thing to do if you want to use Clean Master Android Cleaner App is to get it downloaded from Google Play Store for free. Keep away from getting applications installed from other websites because it can cause the risk of virus infection and software counterfeiting.

When you get to the Google Play Store, look for CLEAN MASTER and then type it in the search bar to see a direct link to this app in the drop down list.

Then, choose the INSTALL button. Accept the user permissions to start the process of installing Clean Master after pressing the INSTALL button.

2. Cleaning Junk Files

Unlock the Clean Master Android Cleaner App. Come up with a shortcut on the home screen for uncomplicated access.

Go for the ‘Junk Files’ alternative. Choosing ‘Junk Files’ will scan the innermost areas of your phone to make a list of removable files from your device.

Be patient for the completion of the scanning process. It will check for:

  • Residual files of the Uninstalled application
  • System Cache
  • Obsolete APKs

Carefully appraise the Summary of the Scan. This is necessary to ensure that the app is not deleting any files you use. Just uncheck those boxes, if it happens that you discover one of your imperative files on the list.

Choose the ‘Clean Junk’ choice to delete junk files in a moment, and speed up your phone.

3. Boosting Phone Speed

Cool your device down. Choose the ‘Memory Boost’ option and then select the ‘Cool Device’ options to allow the app analyze the status of your phone.

  • Choose the ‘Cool Down’ alternative to close all the apps causing the overheating of your phone.
  • Give your device five minutes to rest.

Get the RAM space Freed up. All you have to do here is to choose the ‘Memory Boost’ option again. Choose the ‘Boost’ option after scanning to free up your RAM space.

4. Managing Applications

Cleaning up the apps – Do away with apps that you don’t use often.

  • To get this implemented, check for the ‘App Manager’ option and right below ‘Uninstall’ group confirm the applications you want to uninstall.
  • Click on ‘Uninstall’ button to carry out this operation.

5. Uninstalling Clean Master

Locate Settings icon on your phone.

Click on the ‘Apps’ option. The Clean Master is located below the ‘Downloaded’ class, just choose the option.

Click on the ‘Uninstall’ option and your app will be uninstalled in a few seconds.

Easy Ways to Use Clean Master Android Optimizer App

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