Best 5 Speed Booster Apps for Android

Which are the best 5 speed booster apps for android? It is technology all around us and the breakthroughs from this field just doesn’t stop. It is really commendable as to so much has changed in the spheres of communication and sharing due to the various offerings from the tech world. Today it would be no less than a nightmare of live a single day without our smartphone as its uses are so many and it is what helps us to stay connected with our near and dear ones with great ease and amazing convenience. But at the end of the day, we also have to take care of this device in terms of managing its storage so that we keep on getting good performance in terms of speed. This is where the tools which offer optimization come into picture or better known as speed booster apps. So which are the best 5 speed booster apps for android? Let us find out.

Android Assistant

This is one of the top apps which will help you to boost the speed of your mobile phone. The status of your phone could be monitored with this app. You can clean your cell phone and one of its best features is the Quick Boost Button which will help you to get rid of pre-selected apps automatically. Monitor, process and tools are three tabs that you will notice on the main screen of this app. There are own specific functions of each of the three tabs mentioned above. What can be better than having an Android Assistant which will help to keep your phone in superb condition in terms of speed? The many tools of this app will help you to boost the cell phone of yours.

Clean Master

This is one of the best apps for cleaning up your device and it is loaded with some brilliant features. Apart from cleaning your phone, this app also helps in protecting your phone against malware. System cache could be cleaned with this and this app would be highly useful for those who have cell phones with less memory. You can clean the junk files and residual files with clean master and the best part is this app is very simple to use. With this app you can clean the RAM memory of your phone. Search history as well as unused files could also be cleaned with this app. You can manage the storage of inbuilt memory and also of the SD card with clean master.

1Tap Cleaner

Next in our list of best 5 speed booster apps for android is 1Tap Cleaner.  The storage space in the mobile phone of yours can be managed very well with this cache cleaner. The temporary files which that are left by the applications can be removed with 1Tap cleaner. You can decide whether you need to clean your phone or not as the left space out of the total storage space is also displayed by this app. There is more to this app as the unwanted files will be cleaned by this app at a time which is set as automatic mode is supported by this app. Cache files can be cleaned with this app. The cache for those apps which are selected could be cloned manually or all the apps could be cleared by mere one sweep. It is by the cache size that the apps are sorted by this 1Tap cleaner so you can get to know which are occupying more space.

Trash Cleaner

If you want to know how many number of residual system files, apps, compressed files and trash files are there not only in the in build memory of your phone but also in SD card, then this app will let to know this. The trash that is left by applications could be cleaned with the cache cleaner of this app. It is up to you whether to do away with cache for the apps on individual basis or simply for all the apps at one time. The system trash files could be reset in the residual cleaner.

Android Booster

This is yet another amazing app for boosting speed of your android device. This is also one of the popular apps in this category as it comprises of some amazing features that will help you to boost the phone of yours. App manager, memory booster, battery power monitor are some of the features of this app. Apart from these, this app also has   features like a widget, virus scanner which is an antivirus tool,  task killer, a file manager and traffic monitor. If your phone has slowed down, then this is a superb option to take care of this. You can optimise the device of yours with this app in a superb way and uninstall those apps which are not needed by you.

So these were the best 5 speed booster apps for Android. You can boost your mobile phone with these are they are filled with some fantastic features to do so.

Best 5 Speed Booster Apps for Android

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