Major features: Clean Master Optimizer

Clean Master from Cheetah Mobile is amongst the most favorite optimizer applications for Android device. It has nearly 400M downloads while almost 21M feedbacks on Google Play. The application could also protect your device from viruses out there are out there. Clean Master has an in-built antivirus scanner. But if you would like to eliminate anything which might be spotted onto your phone, then you’ll need to download additional application, sadly.

With the latest update, this application has got even better. The application does display ads within however you can expect that since it is totally free of cost. If ads don’t bother you that much then this app is for you. It’s one of the most popular app on the Play Store.

Clean Master Optimizer

  1. The app deletes all the residual and junk files from your phone & targets junk producing applications.
  2. Finds stuff such as thumbnails or empty folders & removes them.
  3. Shuts down background applications, which frees your RAM & improves the speed of your smart phone.
  4. Helps cool down an overheated phone
  5. Application manager offers easy UI for deleting unnecessary applications or back up those whichare necessary.
  6. Antivirus feature deletes spam files automatically.

With the newest update, the company is been able to fix a number of bugs which plagued the earlier updates.

Major features: Clean Master Optimizer

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